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4 cavity 5gallon valve gate hot runner PET Preform mould

◎Preform injection mould from 1 cavity for wide mouth jar and gallon bottle preform up to 96 cavities narrow neck.Longe mould has hot runner ,shut off ,valve gate pet preform mould , short tail, self lock system preform mould , and normal structure ,short tail pet preform mould which core cavity neck is not locked together with locking part , these three mould system the mould price is different ,which life of the mould is also different , the prefomr maded outlook is different also , it is choosed according to the different customer needs .Preform mould material of Longe mould is stainless steel s136,2316 ect, it is under vacuum harden process, which Harvy is 48 to 52 degree , mould plate after precise milling grinding process .Longe mould used japan pantchi shut off system for the preform mould , insulator is USA dupoint ,fiber piston seal ring .We used famous brand name heating coil such as horsey,rrotfil ,uwa which guarantee long life of the hot runner
◎Plastic pet material transparent material , it is used for make the bottle which is used for filling drinking water ,oil ,beverage ,juice ,food product such as the nut ,sauce ,ketchup ,sweet candy and chocolate packaging product .and some cosmetic bottle ,shampoo bottle , cosmetic bottle ,hand washing bottle ,liquid soap bottle which all of the bottle which is need packed with clear material
◎Tube blank is designed with the help of computer,which surely contributes to the increasing of yield of bottle.
◎Employes′intemationally advanced two-step dual taper locating technology,Each cavity self-locks independently to ensure low decent ration of product.
◎Core and cavity are made of special mould steel after preheating treatment in the onginal factory in Sweden.individual temperature control of all cavities.
◎Lip cavity is made of imported nitrated steel,which is of high hardness and long service life,in accordance with intemational Standard.
◎The excellent hot runner design assures uniform heating and greatly improves the quality of plastic product.
◎No cutting of gate is employed to reduce the labor intensity;Standard inter-changeable mould components.
◎Preform mould life is 5 million to 10 million shoot , weight different is 0.1gram ,center of within 0.1 mm
◎We are deeply recognizes that the only way for a company’s endeavors to perpetuate,depending on continuous improvement and innovation,reaching market requirements,and providing competitive products for our customers.Just like our principles reveal:"Customer Satisfaction,Colleague Delight,Endeavor Perpetuity〃.
·Close tolerances
·Perfectly balanced hotrunner system
·High productivity
·Maximised cooling
·Energy saving
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