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Hand feeding preform Automatic stretch blow molding machine

○Automation and control use of intemational high-end computer system,heating,collecting and measuring preform temperature with simulation input and output module.
○Man-machine interface displays current production situation,available for switching on line,parameter modification and production statistics,wich automatic alarm,automatic fault detection and diagnose.
○Storing more than 7 kinds blowing specification,when changing different bottle and preform,we can directly got the ready specification from computer.
○Adopt latest intemational air component,the high flow blowing and exhausting system,ensure machine high-speed operation.
○In order to save air,we choose high pressure blowing exhaust recovery system,which can save energy by 15-15%.
Longe automatic jar blow molding machine it make the jar from the neck size 55mm neck to 200mm neck, the cavity number from one cavity to 4 cavity , the output of the machine is form 1000 pcs per hr to 3600 bph, the volume is form 50ml to 20liter wide mouth jar pet container , the pet jar container is fit or packing food or chemical in Formate of the powder product ,granular granule product ,blocky product ,strip product and flask product ect , for example pepper ,wheat powder ,hand powder , nut ,biscuit ,candy ,sugar ,honey,Chocolate ,food can for fruit and meat sauce ,ketchup ,and other different product which the jar or can is pet material , it can see which goods inside filled , if you dont want to see, it can added master batch

△Technical Specifications
Theoretical output:800pcs/hr
Max container volume:5L
Max neck diameter:120mm
Max container diameter:200mm
Max container height:320mm
Number of cavity:1Cavity
Total power:25kw
Use power:15kw
Working pressure:1.0 Map
Low pressure consuming:1400L/min
Blowing pressure:≤3.5Mpa
High pressure consuming:1200L/min
Operating pressure:0.3-0.5Mpa
Flow rate:30 L/min
Machine dimension:2.5×1.5×2.0m
Machine weight:1900kg
Actual discharges depend on bottle shape and preform qualification.
The above technical parameters are subject to continual update,please rake the real product as the base.
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