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Hot Runner: System
Our coil heater resistances are specially designed for heating of cylinders and plastic injection nozzles.our cartridges are the most suitable for heating cylinders and joints. There cartridges, though of small diameter, have great heating power, distributing uniform heat at 360oC. The heater wire is of the hihest quality with a thin outer layer of magnesium oxide and enclosed in a stainless steel cover. Everthing goes through a process of compression, thereby giving longer life as well as reaching a temperature of 800oC.The whole cartridge is hermetically sealed to prevent the entry of extraneous materials, moisture, fluids, etc.
    The cartridges heater are produced by the qualifying material under special aircraft. which guaranteed it’s high performance in the compact space, it can heating well even the outside heating temperature are 700 ,
  Reduces the likelihood of drilling out a cartridge heater
  FDA recognized for food packaging applications
  No reduction in heat transfer
  Molecular bonded technology only removed by mechanical means
  Reduced cost due to faster replacement, minimum tool damage and rework time
  FDA approved for packaging and food processing
  Anti-seize will allow quick, easy removal of heater after burnout
  Improved heat transfer due to special composition
1. PID automatic temperature control.
2. Ssfty starting manner to avoiding the huge instance power output.
3. Power output can be by the manual and automatic manner.
4. Circuit broken and opening by the thermocouple. Alarming if the power is too high or too low.
5. Dual lines LED display
6. Selectable two thermocouple types.(J/K).
7. Fuse break indicator.
8. heating power range from 3.6KW/16Ato 6KW/30A, and output with moldus controlling.
9. 24 to 64 point controlling according to different type of the Nozzle or manifold.
10. Convenient insert card design. Which connected on the mould just by the insert.
11. Easy to understand and operating.
12. each cavity temperature are controlled separately.
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